7 Helpful Kitchen Tips for Senior Citizens

7 Helpful Kitchen Tips for Senior Citizens

Remodeling and readjusting with advancing age is necessary. It can get hard to look after the necessities of the seniors always. Small changes in the kitchen can help seniors to be more independent. It is also important for you to work for yourself as it improves mood and self-esteem.

Here are a few tips you can use to improve your kitchen.

  1. Round the edges. Avoid pointed edged countertops and open shelves. There is a higher probability of getting hit on your hips and elbows while working.


  1. Update lighting. Well lit kitchen will help seniors to operate and navigate in the kitchen with ease. With deteriorating eyesight, working with knives and hot appliances can be hazardous. A proper-lit kitchen also improves the accessibility of various appliances and makes working more secure.


  1. Use a shallow sink. It will help you rinse vegetables and dishes with much ease and also reduce stress on your shoulders.


  1. Use built-in appliances. It is better to put appliances like microvan in countertops. In this manner, it will use less space, making the surrounding spacious and it will reduce the risk of being close to wet areas.


  1. Replace knobs with handles. Knobs can hard for seniors to pull. Replace it with D-shaped handle. You can also consider touch drawer system, where the door can pop open from being pushed.
  1. Working and Accessible Countertops. Use countertops with different color cabinets or marked at the edge by a certain color. The color coding will help the seniors with deteriorating eyes sights to use the cabinets correctly. Also, individuals in a wheelchair may find difficulty with higher placed drawers as opposed to countertops
  1. Safe Floors. Flooring is the hardest to change while,e remodeling. Don’t go for marble flooring, it might get difficult to walk. Use floor tile that has enough grout and countertops grip your feet.


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